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Kleure / Colors

Neem deel aan die aktiwiteite hieronder en identifiseer elkeen van die kleure.
Participate in the activities below and identify each of the colors indicated.

Objectives: In full sentences, say the color of the objects or segments of the circle that is highlighted. E.g. "Watter kleur is die appel? --> Die appel is rooi."

  • Watter kleur is 'n piesang? 'n Piesang is ___.
  • 'n Lemoen is ___ .
  • Neute is ___ .
  • Gras is ___
  • Wolke is ___ en ___ .
  • Rose is ___ en ___ en ___ .
  • 'n Eiervrug (eggplant) is ___ .
  • Die lug is ___ .
  • Die nag is ___ .