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Master List of Topics (Progression Map)

Beginner (memorized)
  • greetings
  • introduction
  • small talk (weather, health, feelings, plans, ...)
  • count
  • do simple math
  • use basic prepositions to indicate location
  • know the 4 directions

— Present (by Preparation)

  • Poem
  • Speech
  • Discussion

— Present (dynamic)

  • ask questions to find the desired information
  • describe daily routine
  • explain basic needs

— Improved Proficiency

  • talk about past events
  • describe future plans
  • compare and contrast objects (descriptive)
  • talk about current events
  • describe a location (room, house, neighborhood, town, etc.)
  • give directions from A to B

Intermediate Ability
  • Speak with ease about daily activities
  • Detail events in any tense
  • Compare and contrast points of view
  • Detailed instructions to do something or to get somewhere

— Advanced Ability

  • Discuss views and opinions about issues with substantiation
  • Discuss world affairs and societal issues
  • Engage unfamiliar topics
  • Demonstate a depth of cultural awareness, including cultural trivia and contextual understanding

— Master Ability

  • Expertly convince, argue, and explain viewpoints
  • Use the formal register with ease in diverse contexts
  • Customize the language to the generational level and social context