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Beskryf en Vergelyk

The topics listed below will point you to the vocabulary lists that you need to know in preparation for doing any of these topics.

Then, on the side menu the topics will be listed. Each will contain the info to help you talk about the topic.

Faces - Gesigte

First study this vocabulary first, the click no the FACES link (also on the side menu).

Your Favorite Sport - Jou Gunsteling Sportsoort

First take a look at the vocabulary list. Describe the sport by addressing the following questions:

  • where and when is it played
  • who many players play
  • gender and age range of players
  • how do you score
  • how long is it played
  • what are some things you can not do
  • equipment and clothing

Click here to access the page or click on the link on the right side of the page.

Travel to the Desert/Forest

Describe a landscape very different from where you live, and compare it with the place where you live.

Describing people

1. Describe the following people. (Improvise in your descriptions)
Describe each of the people from the following countries:
Poland, Portugal, Tanzania, Japan, Indonesia, 

Consider: weight, height, hair, eyes, skin, clothes, shoes, perfume, facial hair, voice

2. Justify why you should be able to, or not be able to:
- Run faster than person x
- Touch the ceiling
- get in a suitcase
- stand on a narrow plank
- pull the man out of the ditch
- jump over the fence
(add some of your own)

Compare Counties or Regions

Think about your country and in another country you are familiar with:
- the main meal
- breakfast
- supper
- eating habits
- hospitality
- body language
- social values
- housing
- transportation
- education
- the geography
- the political system
- social activities
- religious practices
- medical treatment
- leisure activities

Cycling Trip

You are in charge of a 100 km cycling trip. Describe the itinerary to the team.

(Note: You can also do a road trip, or describe the itinerary of travels abroad)

Jou Huis

A friend from overseas wants to know about your living situation. Describe your living quarters. Klik hier om die woordeskat te leer.


  1. Hoeveel kamers is daar?
  2. Wat is die naam van elke kamer?
  3. Wat is die doel van elke kamer?
  4. Hoeveel mense woon in jou huis (vertel my van elke persoon)?
  5. Beskryf elke kamer.
  6. Wat is jou opinie oor jou huis?

Klik hier om die details te sien of klik op die skakel op die regterkant van die bladsy.