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I did not do it

You promised to clean the yard. Your parents get home 5 hours later and you had not done a thing. Explain why you did not do your chores.

Spending Money

Your parents paid for your trip but they want to know how you spent the money. Please explain.

Too much Money!

Your rent is about to be raised. Your budget is very tight. Explain to your landlady why this will be a big problem for you.

Please let me in

You arrive at the bank as they are closing. You need that money! Please explain to them why they should let you come in to withdraw the money.

Sorry I'm Late!

It is the grand ball. You arranged to meet your partner, but you arrived 45 minutes late. Please explain.

Buying that Car

You need your dad to help out financially to buy a car. Explain why you need the car.

Two Invitations

You were asked to a dance by someone you really like, and you were invited to a weekend at a cabin of your friend. You have to choose which one you will turn down. Explain your predicament.