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Listening is fun, especially if you surprise yourself with understanding more that you thought you could.

And should you understand nothing at all, maybe you are listening to a piece a little too advanced. If you understand some, listen again (several times) and you will be impressed to see how your ability expands each time. Relistening is really valuable, so remember to do so.

Other than understanding, when you watch videos on YouTube movies, it offers much in cultural communication, how men and women communicate with each other and among themselves, also take a look at age differences, and how respect is shown.

Enjoy exploring the unique aspects of spoken Afrikaans.

1. TED-Talks

Listen to the English, and watch the Afrikaans subtitles. A great way to learn!

* https://www.ted.com/talks?language=af

Pretoria FM

Great topics renewed constantly

Translations for Labels

• Landbou/Agriculture • Rugbyradio/Rugby Radio • Net Medies/Medical Only
• Allerlei/Diverse • Sport Nuus/Sport news • Uit die Hoed/From the Hat
• Ek wil weet/I want to know • Hartland/Matters of the Heart • Fokus/Focus
• Internasionale Nuus/International News • Joernaal/Journal • Sterkombuis/Star Kitchen
• Oggendoordenkings/Morning Devotionals • Regspraak/Legal Talk• Die mens agter elke mens/The person behind every human