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Jy met jou drome en gedagtes in jou oë
jy met jou vrede, wat in elkeen hoop en glo
jy met jou deernis, jou geduld en jou verstaan
jy wat alleen jou seer wil dra.

Jy met jou woorde en gebede in jou hart.
jy met jou vreugde so in oorvloed uit jou hand.
Jy met jou wysheid, jou geloof in elke dag
jy met die seer agter jou lag


Ek wil vir jou somer wees en stilte gee;
Ek wil vir jou die son gaan haal
die wind en see;
Ek wil so graag, myself vir jou gee.

You with your dreams and thoughts in your eyes
You with your peace, that hopes and believes in every one
You with your tenderness, your patience, and your understanding
You who wants to carry your hurt alone.

You with your words and prayer in your heart.
You with you joy, so abundantly in your heart.
You with your wisdom, your faith en every day
You with the hurt behind your laugh.


I want to be a summer to you and give you quietness
I want to go fetch the sun for you
The wind and the sea;
I so dearly want to give myself to you.