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Shopping for Food

•   Major supermarket chains (like Checkers or Pick 'n Pay) are set up like American supermarkets.
•   Your groceries are packed for you into plastic bags that you purchase, not in paper.
•   Produce is weighed and tagged for you in the produce section, but paid for at the check-out counter.
•   Purses and other sacks brought into the store are often checked in and not carried through the store (there is usually a counter with cubby-holes where your belongings are kept).
•   Loaves of bread come whole but can be sliced for you at the market.
•   South African supermarkets do not carry the same variety of pre-packaged foods like cake mixes, bisquick or frozen dinners.
•   .You still can buy meat at the butcher, and vegetables and fruits and a greengrocer.