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Gaan ek ooit 'n boek skryf?
Gaan ek al my spoke verdryf?
Die spoke wat bly in my hart se laai
En my gevoelens met 'n leuen verraai.

Gaan ek ooit sukses smaak?
Gaan ek aan die wenpaal raak?
Gaan my lewe ooit nuttig wees?
Gaan die nageslag my onthou?


As ek sing van die liefde, sing van die dood
As ek sing van die stilte in die Groot Karoo
As ek sing van dinge wat saakmaak,
dinge wat diep lê binne jou.

As ek sing van die vreugde, sing van die pyn
As ek sing van die liggies wat jou hart omlyn
As ek sing van dinge wat heelmaak
Vrede kan bring vir jou en my.

Gaan ek ooit myself ken?
Gaan ek ooit miljoene wen?
Gaan ek ooit die huis by die see bou
Waarvan ek jare lank al droom?

Gaan ek ooit 'n slag slaan?
Gaan ek ooit my hart verstaan?
Gaan ek ooit 'n verskil kan maak
in die wêreld rondom my?

Will I ever write a book?
Will I drive away all my ghosts?
The ghosts that live in the drawer of my heart
And deceive my feelings with a lie.

Will I ever make a success?
Will I touch the the winning line?
Will my life ever be useful?
Will posterity remember me?


When I sing of love, sing of death
When I sing of the great solitude of the Great Karoo
When I sing of the things that matter
things that lie deep within you.

When I sing of joy, sing about the pain
When I sing about the lights that surround your heart
When I sing of things that heal
Can bring peace to you and me.

Will I ever know myself?
Will I ever win millions?
Will I ever build the house by the sea?
Of which I have been dreaming for years?

Will I ever make an impression (strike out)?
Will I ever understand my heart?
Will I ever make a difference?
in the world around me?