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sub a first term
Anton's mother cries upon receiving his first report. "I love anton but he can't leave other kids alone." wrote juffrou hattingh.

standard 1 a
Antons teacher suggests that he should be tested for the special class.

standard 9 s
School psychologist suggests that there is no future for Anton in music. Anton is expelled from boarding school after being caught in the bath with cigarette and guitar. Guitar is locked away. Bricks replace guitar in guitar case. Anton forms first rock-'n-roll school band.

standard 10
Anton moves to a different school in a different town. Anton starts a veld fire at a school dance.

1970 1974
Anton qualifies as a teacher with a diploma in psychpathology (special education for mentally handicapped children).
Teaches Afrikaans and soccer at st. stithians college. (qualified southern transvaal soccer referee badge and cricket coaching and umpiring certificates).
Writes and produces full length musical jantjie for st stithians preparatory school.
Starts first multiracial staff soccer team.

Fired from st. stithians as a teacher because:
a) his soccer team walked off the field at waterkloof house after a referees decision. Rreferee was listening to rugby commentary on the radio with the spectators at the time of the incident
b) long hair
c) sang in pubs in the evenings, and
d) gave standard 5s a comprehension test about cat stevens. (1996: john leyden of mango groove says anton was a very good teacher).

1974 1982 music critic for beeld and huisgenoot and teaches and produces stoneware pottery.

1976 sonja heroldt records jantjie.

1977, 1979 songwriter, sonja heroldt has hits with waterblommetjies, harlekyn, hanoverstraat, trein na matjiesfontein, ta mossie se sakkie sakkie boeredans, oberammergauetc. they become the most successful team in afrikaans music history. writes for various artists hoeka toeka and byeboerwa for carike keuzenkamp, straattroebadoere and atlanatis for laurika rauch. richard clayderman and francis goya record waterblommetjies.

1979 kruidjie-roer-my-nie (theme from the movie pretoria, opretoria is banned four days after release) the beginning of a long list of sabc bannings. new love lyric recorded and sold 40 000 having made the top 10. first singer/songwriter lp in afrikaans, boy van die suburbs released and sells 80 000 units. the birth of new wave modern afrikaans music with the musiek en liriek and later the luisterliedjie movement. two sarie awards best song of the year and male vocal performance of the year. begrafnistyd in zeerust banned. blommetjie gedenk aan my is seen as the beginning of rock music in afrikaans. atkv bans anton from their stages after hed made jokes about the national flag in the civic theatre during an atkv crescendo performance. anton uses a full rock band at a cultural concert at unisa. audience shows disapproval by applauding every time the acoustic guitar is picked up. some walk out during the drum solo.

1980 1989 extensive touring throughout south africa and namibia. releases 6 more lps. total sales in excess of 300 000 units. 13 gold disc awards. liedjieboer book of lyrics published.

1980 1982 anton makes a full length musical film, but decides not to release it.

1981 releases liedjieboer lp featuring velskoene on the cover. anton promises the record company that he will never do anything similar soon.

1982 anton shocks luisterliedjie audiences at an afrikaans liedjie festival by appearing with rock band and ending set with bob dylans forever young. incident with carletonville high school headmaster anton wore jeans to perform at the matric function. musiek en liriek tour for pact with full-on rock band and whipper dog. audiences walk out.

1983 boude banned by sabc. major controversy follows when fellow artist, dominee jan de wet, warns people against the song. the controversy ends when it is discovered that de wet has also sung about the same topic previously. uses richie cannata of the billy joel band and snuffy waldon of the stevie wonder band on jors troelie lp. produces wildebeest, the first alternative afrikaans rock album. dominee at potchefstroom university switches pa off during the groups set at open air festival. releases tussen twee rooi mure.

1985 peter gallo and anton sign extensive recording and publishing contract on a milk bottle and a handshake.

1987 moves out of the city to a nature farm, albums lappiesland and liedjieboer innie city/stad reflect ethnic roots.

1989 anton forms an experimental vocal group die kommissie van ondersoek. winde van verandering album released six months before the 2nd february speech by f w de klerk. anton falls asleep at the launch of the voelvry tour. shocks the music industry by appointing a 19 year old manager, ansie kamffer.

1990 houtstok rock festival organised by ansie kamffer. 22 000 people attend the concert for a new south africa. anton exposes the miming scandal of the fak festival on gmsa. documentation of the historical houtstok event on 2 lp live recording with peter pearlson. first predominantly afrikaans live recording ever.

1989 1991 falls asleep at the opening night of nathaniel leroux and pieter dirk uys, as well as during mimi coertses performance at the state presidents residence, also during an interview with de kat. 1990 assaulted by singer bles bridges after anton names his two kittens after bles wives.

1990 1992 writes the project danzer. tours with rock bands jack hammer and backwater blues band.

1992 houtstok 92 happens. danzer released. the title track danzer becomes a number 1 hit on radio 5 and radio metro. come to london charts in the cape. anton visits london. danzer tour organised by dagga-dirk uys of voelvry tour. the country burns down. danzer tour comes home (anton jols at home).

1993 anton produces five tracks for cindy alter (ex-clout). anton starts recording the bushrock sessions.

1994 antons greatest hits released. anton produces elke boemelaar se droom the first cd by koos kombuis votes for democracy. koos kombuis and entire music circus moves onto the farm gansbaai lapa

1995 koos kombuis and music circus move off the farm. not much happened around here. continued recording of bushrock. anton travels african states uganda, kenya, tanzania, malawi, mozambique and zimbabwe.

1996 completes and releases bushrock after four years. the public complains because its in english but anton feels that it creates a succesfull bridge between afrikaans and township music a style he calls boere marabi antons dog dies. anton is persuaded to do die klein karoo kunstefees and denounces the festival on fokus on tv2 because it is whitewashing and not rainbow people vibe.

1997 anton takes a long holiday and continues to build his house on the banks of the hennopsriver

1998 he writes songs for sonja heroldts comeback album, ritsel innie rietbos. he also produces the album.

1999 anton goes back on the road both solo and with the bushrock band. he plays tukkies, the volvry reunion tour at oudtshoorn, martell bluesrockfestival in grahamstown and the aardklopfees in potchefstroom.

2000/2001 anton has rejoined gallo record company and all of his albums (most of which have not been re-released on cd) will be re-issued over the next 24 months. he produced the critically acclaimed, sama winning album, om te breyten in 2000, received a lifetime achievement award from the television show, geraas and was made beskermheer of the aardklop arts festival. his first album of new material in five years was released in 2001. it was called vis innie bos. it received a sama november 2001 geraas award for 'lifetime contribution to afrikaans music' and a 'best production' geraas award shared with albert du plessis, for 'om te breyten'. december 2001: the world reknowned percussionist, efrain toro, performs with the bushrockband in dorpstreet theatre. efrain had played with chick corea, crosby, stills, nash & young and ricky lee jones.

january 2002: anton's aardklop performance at the 'night of legends', is mentioned as the best afrikaans performance in beeld's annual music overview during 2001.

march 2002: granaatfestival bloemfontein

april 2002: anton and the bushrockband perform a historical show in the jail in oudshoorn for the inmates as part of the kknk festival.

april 2002: anton dumps a glass of brandy over patricia lewis as representative of the false consciousness. the fight against translations, backtracks, front tracks and free beertents at festivals is escalated. johannes kerkorrel and dirk uys are involved in a serious disagreement due to a complication with the 'night of legends' cd. later, kerkorrel attacks anton. he claims that blommetjie gedenk aan my was not the first rocksong. anton ignores him. anton is appointed as 'protector of light afrikaans music and afr rock'.

may 2002: s.a.m.a. award: best afrikaans contemporary album: n vis innie bos

june 2002: visit to london with full bushrockband: lorne arms, 14/15 june. it was a triumph - 2 sold-out shows.

july 2002: boerplaasrock on loftus. it is the coldest night in music history.

july 2002: laurika and the men - volksblad artfestival. the idea for anton and friends is born at the volksjol when karen zoid and valiant swart joins anton and beeskraal on the stage for a huge jam.

september 2002: anton en vrinne show at aardklop fully booked. his 22 guests include amanda strydom, kobus!, ollie viljoen, die grafsteensangers, kurt darren, mel botes, wouter van der venter, paul riekert, gert vlok nel, laurika rauch, carike keuzenkamp, roof bezuidenhout, beeskraal, alta joubert, mikanic, mauritz lotz, syd kitchen, akkedis, vuurkleur, ddiselblom, theuns jordaan, helena hettema, richard en lochner, valiant swart, coenie de villiers, piet botha, laurinda hofmeyr , anika, and gian groen. the bushrockband consists of schalk joubert - bass, mike rennie - violin, anton lamour - ghitaar and barry van zyl - drums.

february 2003: anton and the bushrockband revisit london on request for 2 more shows.

february 2003: steve hofmeyr launches a final backtrack-attack and becomes personal while anton is touring the uk.

march-april 2003: kknk: anton en vrinne do 6 fully booked shows as well as a second oudshoornjail show. this time, it is a full band plus vrinne/ friends like ollie viljoen, gian groen, thys die bosveldklong, jakkie louw, alta joubert, mikanic, blackie swart, pieter smith, die grafsteensangers, wouter van der venter, abel kraamsaal, ddisselblom, steaan van diff-olie and lise swart. the bushrockband for the shows were: schalk joubert - bass, albert frost - ghitaar, mike rennie - viool and barry van zyl - drums. kyknet records anton and vrinne live for klankgrens.

april 2003: die burger, volksblad and beeld carry photo's of anton, gian and stean with the laugh it off t-shirt: who's your daddy?

july 2003: the volksblad artfesitval, bloemfontein: anton comes home with valiant swart, gian groen, piet botha, ddisselblom, bea van de vyfer, lise swart, andre swiegers and moya goosen. the bushrockband for the show consists of: floors oosthuizen - ghitaar, schalk joubert - bass and tim rankin - drums.

august 2003: anton en vrinne, state theatre. johan badenhorst produces the program for kyknet as well as a dvd for gallo. the friends were piet botha, gian groen, gito baloyi, alta joubert, sonja herholdt, stean van diff-olie, alta joubert, ollie viljoen, lise swart, karen zoid, dozi, charles from beeskraal, andre swiegers and theuns jordaan, as well as guests like albert frost, mauritz lotz, anton lamour, and fred koch. the bushrockband is : floors, schalk and barry van zyl. the overture is a first with four ghitaarplayers: mauritz lotz, floors oosthuizen, anton lamour and albert frost. the acclaimed engineer peter pearlson make the sound recordings.

september 2003: huisgenoot skouspel with the buskrockband. anton receives an award for lifetime comtribution to afrikaans music. for the last time, anton extends the branch of peace to koos kombuis and steve hofmeyr. his attempt is rejected with a curse by the former and also alter by the latter. anton comments that both of their mouths should be rinsed with soap and that he did offer peace, but he goes his way.

october 2003: anton en vrinne and the bushrockband live in the state theatre is released as a dubble cd with flattering reviews by the media. january 2004: anton along with barney simon are inducted into s.a. rock digest's hall of fame

january 2004: anton en vrinne in caesers with the new bushrockband (vinnie henrico on drums, juan (floors) oosthuizen on lead ghitaar and jasper van rensburg), piet botha, dozi and theuns jordaan.

2004: anton performs regularly.

2005: anton releases his book with lyrics, hitte van die teerpad : songs van die liedjieboer. this collection consists of a choice of anton's songs, stories, 'his stories', facts and fictions.

late 2005: anton releases his newest album, groen blomme. on the album, he collaborates with various new artists like jan blohm, klopjag and anneke visagie. they record it under the best possible studio circumstances and it is a great success.

1979 boy van die suburbs
1980 2de laan 58
1980 liedjiesboer
1982 jors troelie
1983 tussen twee rooi mre
1985 lappiesland
1986 city/stad
1989 winde van verandering
1990 houtstok
1992 danzer
1994 riviersonderend 21 greatest hits
1996 bushrock
1999 putonnerwater 21 unreleased songs en greatest hits volume 2
2001 vis innie bos
2003 anton en vrinne & die bushrockband
2005 - groen blomme * eleven of his albums have achieved gold status * two sarie awards (singer of the year/song of the year 1979) * two south african music awards (from: www.antongoosen.co.za)