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Al Lê die Berge Nog So Blou

Al lê die berge nog so blou
Haar woorde sal ek steeds onthou
Maar dié moet julle darem weet
Haar oë sal ek nooit vergeet nie
Want al woon my bokkie ook hoe ver
dan vind ek haar by die môrester
Hoe gaan mens dan weg met 'n lekker hart? (Sê my..)
Want groet vir my gaan saam met pyn en smart


Al lê die berge nog so blou
Daai vrou sal ek vir lank onthou

Although the mountains stand so blue
But her words will I always recall
But this you have to know
Her eyes can I never forget
Even though my darling lives so far
then I'll find her by the morning star
How does one then depart with a happy heart? (Tell me..)
'cause for me greeting goes with pain and sorrow


Although the mountains stand so blue
That woman will for long be remembered