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Gedig vir Elizabeth Eybers

as dogter en digter
was dit makliker om die kollig te vermy

tog was jou seun se heengaan
‘n erge slag –
maar ag die lewe het reeds
sy bordjies op jou geraam

en ál waarop jy kon steun –
'n loopraam
geslyp soos ‘n diamant
om in jou hand te pas
en die dood en lewe
in die ander hand

©2009 Selwyn Milborrow

as daughter and poet
it was easier to avoid the spotlight

yet your son's passing becomes
a serious setback -
oh yes, life has already
hung its frames around you

and the only thing you could rely on -
a walking frame
cut like a diamond
to fit into your hand
and life and death
in the other hand