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Step 6: Possessive Pronouns

Note: You get possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives. Remember, the pronoun replaces the thing and the adjective is with the thing.

           Example: That is mine. versus That is my book.

joune/u s'nyours
syne — hare — Joe s'nhis — hers — Joe's
ons s'nours
julle s'nyours (plural)
hulle s'n


NOTA – Jy kan sê:
Hulle doen hulle werk OF

Hulle doen hul werk.

NOTE – You can say:
They do their work OR

They do their work.

Steps to Mastery

Under POSSESSIVE PRONOUN MASTERY repeat the practise till you have the pronouns memorized, (Slow) ... then  (Faster) ... and then (Fastest). Finally do the Test Questions.