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Questions with WEES

 Rule: A normal sentence has the order: subject, verb, object. To make it a question, the verb comes to the front. Said differently, the subject and verb swap places. If you have a question word, like WHY, WHEN, etc. you just add that before the verb.

Don't forget. If the sentence is future (sal) or past (het) , the helping verb comes to the front, since the verb is at the end of the sentence.

Present:       Jy IS ok.                           > Is jy ok?                              Hoekom is jy ok?

(with SAL)    Jonnie sal daar wees.      > Sal Jonnie daar wees?       Wanneer sal Jonnie daar wees?
(with GAAN) Jonnie gaan moeg wees. > Gaan Jonnie moeg wees? Wanneer gaan Jonnie moeg wees?

Past:            Sy was hier (gewees).        > Was sy hier (gewees)?    Wanneer was sy hier (gewees)?