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As a review, you are expected to know the following topics inside out. That means
1 - a good knowledge of what it is
2 - how to do it - supported with several examples
3 - doing examples without hesitation in performance.

Halted performance with umm's and thinking is step one, but keep at it till you have that immediate performance that comes from 'already knowing' the answer.

This should be the case with:

  • A - Pronouns
       iii-possessive adjectives,
  • B - Verbs
        B1 - Regular verbs *
        B2 - prefixed verbs * 
        B2 - inseparable compound verbs *
        B3 - separable compound verbs *
        B4 - The Verb: wees  *
        B4 - The Verb:  *
  • C - Third Position:
        i-object pronoun
        iii-time words
  • D - Prepositions
  • E - Conjunctions: Verb-Second

*  (tenses, progressive, questions, negation, modals)