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Reflexive Verbs - Wederkerende Werkwoorde

The reflexive verbs are not from one of the 5 verb groups, but it is a verb type. (Other verb types are transitive or intransitive verbs -- Google them to understand them better.).It can be regular, or without the GE- prefix in the past tense (as a prefixed verb or an inseparable compound verb) or it could be a separable compound verb. The focus is that the subject has to do the action and it can't be transferred.


See the vocabulary list in the Vocabulary section.
See the Reflexive Verb Introduction in the Grammar Introduction Section

Examples - Voorbeelde

Regular verb: skaam -- Ek skaam my vir my swak gedrag.
(I am ashamed for my bad behavior)
Prefixed verb: verbeel -- Jy het jou verbeel jy het my gister gesien.
(I was imagining things that I saw you yesterday)
Separable Compound Verb: voorneem -- Hy neem homself voor om die mense te help.
(He undertakes [commits himself] to help the people.)

You will notice the object pronoun of the subject. You can also add SELF:

sy ... haar(self)
ek ... my(self)
jy ... jou(self)
ons ... ons(self)