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Modals with Tense-Question-Negation

MODALS in Tenses

Rewrite the following present tense sentences and (i) add the suggested modal, and then rewrite it in the past and future

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

Negation & Questions

Take each sentence you wrote, and first negate each sentence, and then make that negative sentence a question.


Modals in Tenses

Take each present tense sentence, and do all the manipulations with the sentence, then do the next sentence, and so on.
(i) as passive sentences, then 
(ii) add the MODAL to the passive sentence, then 
(iii) take it to the future tense, and then to the past. 
(iv) Make each of the above pres., past, and fut. sentences negative and 
(v) make each negative sentence a question.

(After you have written the sentences out, listen to the audio to correct your answers.)

  • Die man van GreenPeace laat die visse los. (MAG)
  • Ons tel die dooie visse op. (KAN)
  • Die president stel haar man voor. (MOET)
  • My vriende wens my geluk met my verjaardag. (WIL)
  • Die FBI hou my dop. (MAG)