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Step 1: What is a Pronoun?

The link ( https://eslgrammar.org/pronouns/ ) is a great introduction to pronouns. But concern yourself only with personal pronouns:  

To help you learn, reflect on this example of personal pronouns:



1.  <ICON> eats bread.               — Subject  Pronoun
2.  Jako hears <ICON>.              — Object  Pronoun
3. ...(that book), it is <ICON>.   — Possessive  Pronoun
4.  That is <ICON> book.            — Possessive Adjective

Description: A noun is a word to name or label some thing or idea (e.g. a pen, a cat, a person, a secret). To repeat the noun every time you refer to it is inefficient,

E.g. Joe took Joe's bowl and ate Joe's favorite ice cream and then Joe walked to Joe's seat.

Pronouns then replace the nouns for convenience. Below, the pronouns are the words replacing "Joe".

--> He took his bowl and ate his favorite ice cream and then he walked to his seat.

Want to explore the idea some more -- visit these links:

-- http://www.esldesk.com/grammar/pronouns.htm
-- http://depts.washington.edu/engl/askbetty/pronoun.php
-- http://www.towson.edu/ows/ModuleCASE.htm


Now, time to learn the icons (in English first), then in Afrikaans:

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