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Symbol Mastery

Step 2: Pronoun Icon Mastery

A set of icons are used to represent the personal pronouns.
Get to know them first in English (or your mother tongue)

Here is how...
1. Watch the flash movie (directly below).
2. Study the pronoun icons (below the movie).
3. Click on the 'Learn (slow)' link (on the right) to test your recall.
4. Click on the 'Learn (Fast)' link (on the right) to confirm your automated recall.
5. Once you are done with 1-4, congratulations
    -- you are ready to start with Step 3 (Afrikaans Subject Pronouns).

Know all icons in your own language

Steps to Mastery

Become comfortable to name Subject, Object, and Possessive Pronouns in English

1. For Subject Pronouns, you might say:
     <ICON> eats bread.

2. For Object Pronouns, you might say: 
    Jack hears <ICON>.

3. For Possessive Pronouns you might say: 
    ...(that book), it is <ICON>.

4. For Possessive Adjectives you might say: 
    That is <ICON> book.

 Use any of these sentences and do first the slow cards, then the fast cards (See SYMBOL MASTERY menu).  Then go on to step 3.


Now you are ready for