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One easy example of this word is its reference to location: ON, BEHIND, ABOVE, UNDER, etc.

Prepositions could refer to where in location, in time, or a logical relationship. The words like in, out, under, over, behind, between, beyond, etc. all belong here.

Prepositions are often used with verbs, e.g. I write TO you. I look AT the door. These prepositions that are closely associated with verbs differ widely between languages. so be prepared to learn a unique set of prepositions to go with verbs. The English preposition will often not be the same in Afrikaans.

I write AAN  (to) you and I think AAN (about) you, but if I say I work AAN you, it means I am working on you, e.g. doing your makeup, or I am your therapist.

Here is a list of common prepositions from the Vocabulary Section > Grammar Related.