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Januarie 2020
    The Afrikaans website has moved from Openlanguages.net over to Afrikaans.us. This was not just a move of the URL, but a major upgrade of the backend. Many things haave to be fixed still...

Maart 2016 -2018
    I am teaching Afrikaans at Yale and USAID. This is a great opportunity to continue with improvements to the site.

Maart 2015
    I am reaching out to all teachers of Afrikaans and Dutch in the USA to consider the formation of a unified offering of Dutch and Afrikaans in America. If you are interested to explore this option, please contact the Jacques. His email is his first name at uwm dot edu.

Februarie 2015
    New poems have been added. The German pages are systematically being translated, although it is a slow process. When done, the whole site will be Deutsch > Afrikaans too. Regular maintenance and fixing of errors where ever I find them. I have a list of links still to fix. I welcome feedback, please include the page URL too.

Junie - Augustus 2014
     The site backbone (TYPO3) was updated. Now the site will be looked over carefully to expand and improve the offering.

Augustus 2012
     New tool for vocabulary learning in place. New grammar generator developed. See Afrikaans 101 Curriculum.

Junie 2012
     Updates are made to learning to speak. Visit Culture > Op Afrikaans > Literature > Fables > Die Drie Varkies, as a good example of seeing how and then doing it yourself.

Julie 2011
     The site is carefully looked over and fixes are being made. The vocabulary will be augmented and new culture and communication pieces are being added. The site migrated from servers in Germany to the US East coast.

Desember 2010
     The grammar section is taking shape and the pronunciation section is being refined.

Julie 2010
     Working with a steady pace on the site. Fall is the big moment when the first online class at UM will be using this environment.

Junie 2010
     New artists added: Matthys van Tonder and Richard van der Westhuizen 
Vocabulary and Grammar are getting some serious attention Junie-Julie 2010.

April 2010
     I have added a new artist-- Sunieda. Go listen to her works click here.
I have also added new children's songs. They can used in schools to teach children songs in other languages. Click here.

April 2010
     Currently two tools are in development to help learners with vocabulary. The first tool, the carousel, will be deployed in June. The second tool, the practice program, will be available by the end of July.
     The major focus for this month is to develop the grammar section and to add further interactivity in the vocabulary section.