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Are you taking Afrikaans as a second language at UNISA?

(Especially those of you taking AFK101Q, AFK105U or LPAFRT8.)

Do you feel quite unprepared for the course and you really need help?

     This website will be constantly tweaked to help you to get prepared to do well in your study of Afrikaans at UNISA. Let me share some personal insights. I have met with the Afrikaans faculty at UNISA and these are my perceptions. Their courses are assuming you passed your final year in high school in Afrikaans. If you did not, or if your program was not up to par, you might lack adequate preparation to succeed.
     I found the faculty at UNISA to be very interested in your success and they are eagerly looking for innovative ways to help you succeed. Please be proactive and do NOT lie low because you are so self conscious of your inexperience! It is your money you have spent to take the courses and UNISA wants you to succeed, so step out and face your weak spots. They are very happy to assist you, but as a distance education student, you have to be assertive. That is vital.
     For the time being, I suggest you read the HOW TO START page. If you have your own Windows-based machine, I strongly encourage you use the FLEXiTUTOR software to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Details are on the HOW TO START page.
     I invite you to give me feedback on areas of the language that you would like to see here to help you in learning Afrikaans.
     As a general tip I suggest you listen to Afrikaans radio as a new habit, watch the Afrikaans soaps on TV and hang around those who speak die Taal. :-) Every bit of exposure makes a difference.