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As ek voor Hom kon staan,
dan sou ek dringend dit wou vra,
"Heer laat ons nie maar net begaan nie.
Gryp in, in die verloop.
Is daar nog hoop?"

As Hy hier sou staan,
sou ek wanhopig hard wou uitskreeu,
"Waarom word daar na soveel eeue,
nog steeds gestry, nog steeds gely?"
Donna nobis pacem (2x)
Gee ons vrede (2x)

Nou, gee dit nou.
As ons voor Hom kon staan,
sou Hy dan doof bly vir gebede
wat smeek sedert die tuin van Eden?

Donna nobis pacem (2x)
Gee ons vrede (2x)

If I could stand before Him
I would urgently wanted to ask,
“Lord do not let us go astray,
Intervene in the events
Is there still hope?

If He would stand here
I would want to yell out in vain
“Why, for so many centuries,
do we still argue, still suffer?”

Donna nobis pacem (2x)
Give us peacee (2x)

Now, give it now.
If we could stand before him,
would He then remain deaf to our prayers
that have been begging since the garden of Eden?

Donna nobis pacem (2x)
Give us peace (2x)