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Dink ...

aan jou
en gedagtes word gevoelens

en naamloos
in verlies

niks praat nie:
nóg stilte
nóg geluide

nóg die kraai in die wit stinkhout
roepend na sy maat
nóg die saagtandblaar
deur stilte
met sy ritsel op steen

nóg die fontein vallend
in sy skaduwee
nóg die son
met sy gesmoorde gil
ja as ek aan jou dink
glip geluide weg
en ek word
geheel gevoel: hartseer holte
maar onverwags ...
stille vreugde

of you
and thoughts become feelings
and nameless
in loss

nothing talks:
neither stillness
nor noise

neither the crow in the white stinkwood
calling its mate
nor the serrated leaf
through silence
with its rustle on stone

neither the fountain falling
into its shadow
nor the sun
with its muted yell
yes when I think of you
sounds slip away
while I become
all feeling: sorrowful hollow
but unexpectedly ...
silent joy.