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Net Jy

met net die trek
van my mond of oë
weet jy iets pla

en as jy vra
is ek laaste om te glo

om te dink die tyd maak
dat gister in 'n waas
verby dryf

en nou kan net jy voel
as 'n storm kom woel
in hierdie lyf

hoe anders, lief
net jy ken my hart
die drange en verlange
wat daaruit spoel

©2009 Selwyn Milborrow

only my mouth movement
or twitching of an eye
tells you something's wrong

and when you ask
i shrug in disbelief

to think that time allows
yesterday to pass
in a haze

and now only you can feel
when a storm builds up
in this body

however, my love
only you know my heart
the needs and longings
that spills from within