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So sal ons van die vetes vergeet,
die Sondae middae belê
en nie meer praat oor
die Vrydae en Saterdae
wat ons rentevry
aan geheueverlies verkoop het nie.

Maar ons sal wag
want die belegging se koers styg steeds
en die woeste orkaan,
die sandstorm uit die woestyn,
die hael uit die lug
vinnig verby.

Nou lag ons sag
in die skemer
op die stoep
oor ons plan
wat môre vir ons
rykdom bring.

* opgedra aan slagoffers van gesinsgeweld

So we will forget all the fighting
and invest the Sunday afternoons
and not talk about
the Fridays and Saturdays
that we sold interest-free
to memory-loss.

But we will wait
for the investment rate is still growing
and the wild hurricane
the sand storm from the desert,
the hail from the sky
go by.

Now we're laughing softly
in the dusk
on the veranda
about our plans
for tomorrow
that will make us rich.

*(dedicated to victims of family violence)