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Tolbos in die Wind

Ek's ‘n tolbos in die wind.
Gister was ek net ‘n kind.
Môre mag die stormwinde waai,
en gister is reeds verby.

Hier staan ek onder die sekelmaan,
Die wêreld is reeds aan taan,
Vandag se winde ken ek goed,
Maar môre is ‘n geslote boek ...

Ek's ‘n tolbos, ek's die wind,
'n swerwerskind steeds gebind
Môre mag drome my verraai
in gister se web verdraai

Al staan ek in 'n duister nag,
al hoor ek stemme name roep
Ek soek die hand wat al die kaarte deel
is ek ‘n tolbos in die wind, ‘n tolbos in die wind.

I'm a tumble weed in the wind
Yesterday I was just a child
Tomorrow the storm winds may blow,
and yesterday is already past

Here I stand under the cresent moon
The world is already fading
Today's winds I know well
But tomorrow is a closed book ...

I'm a tumble weed in the wind
A wandering child still bound
Tomorrow dreams my betray me
entangled in yesterday's web

Even if I stand in a dark night
even though I hear voices call names
I seek the hand that hands out all the cards
I'm a tumble weed in the wind, a tumble weed in the wind