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Personal Pronouns

Pronouns are your 1st priority as you learn the grammar.

FOCUS: 3 Groups - Subject, Object, and Possessive. All are essential for writing or speaking. Your recall has to be without hesitation.

THE PLAN: (i) Know all pronouns. (ii) Produce them without hesitation. 

A slight hesitation before answering not good enough. If I say, "...in counting, what comes after 45?" you can answer without thinking. Do likewise with all these pronouns. You want and need immediate and accurate recall. 

Do the steps below (or on the right under Pronoun Categories).

PRONOUN CATEGORIES (Vocabulary Section):

• Step1: know what prounouns are and
• Step 2: master the Pronoun Icons.
• Step 3: now master the Subject Pronouns
• Step 4: then master the Object Pronouns
• Step 5: then master the Possessive Pronouns
• Step 6: and finally master Possessive Adjectives

Now, click on
• STEP 1: To make sure you understand Pronouns, then
• STEP 2: Pronoun Icon Mastery, then