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Where outside of Southern Africa can you learn Afrikaans?

Jerzy Koch, teaching in Posnan, Poland

Jerzy had his beginnings in learning German, then he focused on Netherlandic Studies before an additional focus on Afrikaans. He has been to South Africa many times and he is intimately acquainted with the literature and the culture. He is a member of the prestigious Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns. He taught at the University of Wrocław from 1992 till 2011 and at the Adam Mickiewicz University he has been teaching Afrikaans since 1997, and since 2004 has has been teaching the full South African Studies BA programme. Here is the link to their site:


Robert Kirsner (UCLA)

Robert Kirsner (Bob) is now retired. He has been teaching Afrikaans and Dutch in the Germanic Department at UCLA for many years. He is well connected with academics internationally and I am appreciative of his efforts through many years to promote the language at UCLA.



Rina Loader (University of Vienna, Austria)

She lived most of her life in Pretoria, South Africa. Since 1999 she is a lecturer at the University of Vienna in Austria where she teaches Afrikaans grammar and literature. She coordinates the communication between interest groups in Afrikaans and provides study support to learners of Afrikaans.

Click http://www.openlanguages.net/afrikaans/general/links-skakels/algemeen-general/ to follow her activities on the Web.

Barry Hornabrook, (BYU)

Barry passed away in November, 2008. He is missed by many. The class continues with new instructors. Here is a video of his lecture, the evening before his passing -- LINK. I sorely miss him.

Barry was fluent in Afrikaans, Dutch, and French. He was in the South African foreign service (mining attaché) for many years in New York, Paris, and Tokyo. When Jacques moved on to the University of Wisconsin, Barry took over the Afrikaans program at BYU. In this photo Barry Hornabrook (BYU Afrikaans teacher) is posing with Jacques du Plessis (UWM) during a visit to the Afrikaans class at BYU (Sept 27, 2005).

"Barend, jou opregte liefde vir almal is 'n diepe inspirasie in my daaglikse lewe."


The picture was taken in February 2007 during Jacques du Plessis' visit with the faculty of the Afrikaans Dept at the University of Pretoria . From L to R: Jacques du Plessis, Hein Willemse (Dept Chair), Nerina Bosman, Susan Thembekwayo, and Heinrich Grebe. Link: Afrikaans Department

Paul Roberge (UNC)

Like many of us in this field, Paul is a linguist and language instructor. He teaches at the University of North Carolina and his courses include Afrikaans language and literature.

His website: http://roberge.web.unc.edu/


The picture was taken in January 2008 during Jacques du Plessis' visit to the University of Stellenbosch. These students come from a very diverse background. Their native languages include Russian, Greek, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, German, and English. Link: Department of Afrikaans & Nederlands


The picture was taken in March 2009 during Jacques du Plessis' visit to the University. This photo includes faculty and staff at UNISA. Link: http://www.unisa.ac.za/Default.asp?Cmd=ViewContent&ContentID=97296


The picture was taken in March 2009 during Jacques du Plessis' visit to PUKKE. Wannie Castens and Jacques met in the mid eighties, during Wannie's visit to the USA. He has always been very supportive of Afrikaans abroad. We are both founding members of the IVA (Internasionale Vereniging vir Afrikaans)