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A. The Indefinite Article

'n  is the indefinite article in Afrikaans e.g. 'n  boek, 'n  man.

When the sentence starts with the indefinite article 'n, the article is not capitalized, but the next word e.g.
'n Man het my gesoek.
'n Grammatikaboek is in die klas.

B. Hyphenation

If direction is part of any word, it is hyphenated, e.g;
Noord-Amerika, Suid-Afrika, Wes-Europa, Suid-Kalifornië

twee-en-twintig, agt-en-dertig, honderd-en-drie

vise-president, sersant-majoor, kolonel-generaal

C. Compound Words

If it is one thing, it is one word, e.g.
boekomslag, brilkassie, lampstaander, boekprys, etc.
Only very lengthy, cumbersome compound words will be hyphenated