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Trappe van Vergelyking - Degrees of Comparison

Stellend: compare Subj. Pronouns
* soos
Koos is so sterk soos hy.
Positive: compare Subj. Pronouns
* as ... as
Koos is as strong as he.
+ as -
Koos is sterker as hy.
Comparative Degree:
+ than -
Koos is stronger than he.
Koos is die sterkste!
Superlative Degree:
Koos is the strongest!
Stellend - Vergrotend - OortreffendPositive - Comparative - Superlative
stadig, -er, -steslow, -er, -est
vinnig, -er, -stefast, -er, -est
sterk, -er, -stestrong, -er, -est
swak, -er, -steweak, -er, -est
lank, langer, -stelong, -er, -est
kort, -er, -steshort, -er, -est
moeilik, -er, -stedifficult, more difficult, most difficult
maklik, -er, -steeasy, -er, -est
goed, beter, bestegood, better, best
sleg, -ter, -stebad, worse, worst
naby, nader, naasteclose, -er, -est
ver, -der, -stefar, -ther, -thest
min, -der, -stelittle, less, least
baie, meer, meestemuch, more, most
vlak, -ker, -steshallow, -er, -est
diep, -er, -stedeep, -er, -est
groot, groter, grootstebig, -er, -est
klein, -er, -stesmall, -er, -est
hoog, hoër, hoogstehigh, -er, -est
laag, laer, laagstelow, -er, -est
maer, -der, -steskinny, skinnier, skinniest
vet, -ter, -stefat, -ter, -est
mooi, -er, -stepretty, prettier, prettiest
lelik, -er, -steugly, uglier, ugliest
warm, -er, -stewarm, -er, -est
koud, kouer, koudste cold, -er, -est
hard, -er, -stehard, -er, -est
sag, -ter, -stesoft, -er, -est
lekker, -der, -stetasty, tastier, tastiest
sleg, -ter, -stebad, worse, worst
tevrede, meer tevrede, mees tevredesatisfied, more satisfied, most satisfied
korrek, meer korrek, mees korrekcorrect, more correct, most correct
goedkoop, goedkoper, goedkoopstecheap, cheaper, cheapest
duur, duurder, duursteexpensive, more expensive, most expensive