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Voornaamwoorde - Pronouns

Example:      SubjectPronouns
jy (informeel) -- u (formeel)you
hy -- sy -- dithe - she - it
julleyou (plural)
hulle they

Follow Steps 1 - 6 under Pronoun Activities on the right

STEP 1. Understand what a pronoun is. 

STEP 2. Learn the icons in your native language.

STEP 3. Learn the Subject Pronouns
                Example: <ICON> eats bread. (Subject Pronouns)

STEP 4. Learn the Object Pronouns
                Example: The teacher asks <ICON>. (Object Pronouns)

STEP 5. Learn the Possessive Adjectives
                Example: Here is the book. It is <ICON> book. (Possessive Adjectives)

STEP 6. Learn the Possessive Pronouns
                Example: Here is the book.  It is <ICON>. (Possessive Pronouns)