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Baba Diere - Baby Animals

kalf (beeste, buffels, ens.)calf (cow, buffalo, etc.)
hondjie (honde)puppy (dogs)
katjie, kaatjie (katte)kitten (cats)
paddavissie (padda)tadpole (frog)
kuiken (voëls, pluimvee)chick (birds, poultry)
welpie (beer, wolf)cub (bear, wolf)
baba bokkie (bok)kid (goat)
vulletjie (rendier)fawn (deer)
vul, vulletjie (zebra, donkie, perd)foal (zebra, donkey, horse)
lam, lammetjie (skaap)lamb (sheep)
baba varkie (vark)piglet (pig)
baba hasie (haas)bunny (rabbit, hare)

Adding 'baba' before an animal name also does the job. Making the animal term a diminutive, adds effect. e.g. slang (snake) > baba slang > baba slangetjie.