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Idiomatic Interjections

Eina Ouch! When hurting yourself
VoertsekGet lost! (negative - said in disgust.)
Foeitog or "Shame"O, how cute. (compassionate)
SiesYuck! (RSA English: "Sis!")
Ekskuus? (tog)Sorry? (Pardon me, please.)
Alle wêreldWow! My Word! (surprise)
Wag 'n bietjie? Net 'n oomblik.Wait a minute! Just a sec.
Ag nee watNo, not really. (overwhelmed)
Hoor OK? All right. (affirmation)
Ja-nee Sure thing! (strong affirmation)
Nee, dis goedYes (conflicted, but ok/).
Ô gitsOh my! Oh Gosh! (surprise)
Liewe hemel Good heavens! (surprise)
Pasop!Watch out! (urgent)
Sommer! Because! (with no good reason)