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1. Study the vocab list

Please visit the vocabulary list SOCIAL EXCHANGES. Lear the terms and then make sure you can do the following:

Greet a person in:

  • (i) the morning,
  • (ii) the afternoon,
  • (iii) the evening
  • (iv) say goodbye
  • (v) ask and answer polite common questions.

A en B

(Two friends meet up that do not see each other all the time)

A: Goeie môre. Hoe gaan dit?
B: Lekker dankie, en self?

A: Dit gaan goed, dankie. ...en wat's nuus?
B: Ag, nie veel nie. Ek is net baie besig.

A: Wel, goed om jou weer te sien. Ek moet weer wikkel. Sien jou later.
B: Lekker bly. Totsiens.