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Finale Eksamen

During the week of the midterm, you will have to submit a culture report as indicated in the syllabus based on these topics:

Weke 9-16

Weke 9-12
• Afrikaanse Musiek: Kontemporêr
Gedigte (externe webwerf met goeie gedigte en vertalings.

Weke 13-16
• Persepsies van die Afrikaners
Kort Stories, Novelles
Afrikaans in NZ;

You will also do an online exam. For the exam, you will have to find a proctor (not family or friends) but a professional person like a boss, a librarian, a tutor, etc. Submit the contact info (email and phone) to the course instructor. You and the proctor will receive the link to the exam, the proctor will enter a password and you will be able to take the online exam. You also need to be able to record yourself and save the file. After the exam you need to upload the audio file to your dropbox folder. The online exam will cover:
pronunciation, communication, vocab, and grammar.