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The Secret

Get to know your verbs well. It is not difficult, but because verbs are at the heart of each sentence you will be able to tie everything together.

Once you are done with this section, you should be able to explain and do the following:
1- What is a conjugated verb? Which are the two conjugated verbs in Afrikaans?
2- Explain with examples what a regular verb is.
2- Explain with examples the difference between a regular verb and a prefixed verb?
3- Explain with examples what an inseparable compound verb is. Which other verb is just like it?

In the advanced section, you will also learn what a separable compound verb and a reflexive verb is?

Podcasts - Potgooie

Hieronder is 'n lys van afrikaanse podgooie:

1. RSG Potgooie (Radio Sonder Grense is the largest Afrikaans radio station in South Africa. This list offers podcasts to many programs.

2. Potgooi.com (A list of Afrikaans Podcasts from all over)

3. Potgooi.nl (Afrikaanse Podgooi uit Nederland)