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Flavoring Particles

Many particles do not translate directly. Focus on the feel.

01 • MAAR

[means indeed or just as well.]

Jy kan maar praat, dis sal nie help nie.    – You can keep talking, it won't help.
Hoekom kan hy nie maar saamgaan nie? – Why can't he go along?
Coenie is maar vreeslik bang.                  – Coenie is indeed very scared.
Jy kan maar saamkom as jy wil.             – If you want to, you may just as well come along.

02 • TOG

[means surely or it could indicate expected confirmation to questions.]

Hy is tog so moeilik as hy wil wees. – He can be so difficult, if he wants to be.
Jy kan tog nie alleen gaan nie?       – Surely you can't go alone?
Jy kan tog maar probeer, jy weet.  – You can surely try, you know.
Asseblief tog man!                       – Come on now! Please.
Jy kom tog nie weer geld vra nie?Surely you're not coming to ask for money again?

03 • MOS

[means surely or as you know. MOS often renders an interrogative feel to a statement--questions with the "I'm-just-checking" feel.]

Hy sal dit mos doen, nie waar nie? – He's going to do it, not so?
Hoekom vra jy nog?                     – Why are you still asking?
Jy weet mos ek wil nie!                – You know I don't want to!
Jy kan hom mos vra.                   – Surely you can ask him.

04 • DAREM

[means surely or really.]

Jy kan darem (tog) nie so onredelik wees nie. – Surely! you can't be that unreasonable!
Jy kan darem jok as jy die dag lus is.              – You can really lie if you feel like it. 


[means without reason, because! or just.]

Hy het my sommer so geslaan! – He hit me just like that.
Hy is sommer net moeilik.         – He's just difficult.
Sit dit sommer in die yskas.       – Just put it in the fridge.

06 • HOOR

[means okay most of the time. It is just a sense of affirmation.]

Sien jou later, hoor!          – See you later, O.K.!
Ons maak weer so, hoor!Let's do it again, O.K.?