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The Alphabet

Eng & Afr : Similar Pronunciation
Eng & Afr : Different Pronunciation
Not Afrikaans Letters
AShort (A) Long (AA)NSimilar to English
BSimilar to EnglishOShort (O) Long (OO)
CEither S or K, e.g. SirKelPSimilar to English
DSimilar to EnglishQKW used, eg. KWART = 1/4
EShort (E) Long (EE)RLike in Spanish
FSimilar to EnglishSSimilar to English
GTwo sound possible, soft and gutteralTSimilar to English
HSimilar to EnglishUShort (U) Long (UU)
IShort (I) Long (IE), and not (II) VSimilar to English F
J Like English Y, e.g. JES (afr) = YES (eng) WUnique sound
KSimilar to EnglishXUsed in loan words only
L Similar to EnglishYLike English "ay" e.g. YL (afr) = ALE (eng)
M Similar to EnglishZS is often used, otherwise like English