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Skaars Begin

Die son gooi sy sirkels
Tot aan die binnekant teen my bed
Dagbreek roep my na buite
Waar die tyd ons wil belet

My ketel kook soos altyd
Jou foto hang teen steeds my muur
Alles lyk soos gister  
net nou is jy lankal nie meer hier

Nou staan jy daar en jy vra vir my
Of ek kon raai dat ons seer sou kry
Nou vra jy het ons klaar gery
Wat praat jy ons het skaars begin my ding

Ek skryf jou naam teen my ruite
Kyk hoe dit weg was met die reën
Jou blomme op die kombuiskas
Herinner my ons tyd saam was geleen.

The sun casts its red circles
To the inside against my bed
Daybreak calls me to the outside
Where time wants to restrict us

My kettle boils like always
Your photo still hangs on my wall
Everything looks like yesterday
just now you are long since no more

Now you stand there and ask for me
If I could guess that we could get hurt
Now you ask if we got done
What are you talking, we scarcely started a thing

You write your name against my windows
Look how it was gone with the rain
Your flowers on the kitchen cupboard
Reminds me our time together was on loan