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Klasfrases - Class Phrases

Luister mooi.Listen closely.
Herhaal asseblief...Repeat please.
Probeer weer.Try again.
Sê dit weer asb.Say it again please.
Antwoord my, asb.Answer me please.
Verstaan jy?Do you understand?
Vra vir hom of... / Vra vir haar of...Ask him/her if ...
Wat is die verskil tussen A en B? What is the difference between A and B?
Ek weet nie.I do not know.
Ek verstaan nie.I don't understand.
Praat stadiger asseblief.Please speak slower.
Wat beteken dit?What does it mean?
>Ek het 'n vraag.I have a question.
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