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Passive Voice in Tenses

You already know that the passive voice moves the normal focus away from the subject to either the object or the verb. What about separable compound verbs?

Active: Die krieket speler vang die kolwer (batsman) uit.
Passive: Die kolwer word uitgevang (deur die krieket speler).

The -GE- infix is there as expected, and you just have to remember that IS represents the past tense, WORD represents the present tense and SAL WORD is the future.

Pres: Die ou man word omgestamp.
Fut: Die ou man sal omgestamp word.
Past: Die ou man is omgestamp.

Note: WAS can be used in the past, but it is as a perfect sentence to indicate the action was done before something else happened.


Die ou man was omgestamp toe (when) die polisie die deur oopgemaak het.

Just a factual sentence with no causing action, would be:

Die ou man is deur die polisie omgestamp.


Take each present tense sentence, and do all the manipulations with the sentence, then do the next sentence, and so on.
(i) as passive sentences, then 
(ii) take it to the future tense, 
(iii) and then to the past. 
(iv) Make each of the above pres., past, and fut. sentences negative and 
(v) make each negative sentence a question.

(After you have written the sentences out, listen to the audio, to correct your answers. Do NOT listen to the audio first. You want to know how you did, and by listening first you rob yourself of that opportunity.)

  • Ek laat die prisonier los.
  • Ons tel die bal op.
  • Die sokkerspeler stel my voor.
  • Google wens my geluk.
  • Die FBI hou my dop.