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Ek loop elke dag die hond.

As you might know, the time word comes right after the first verb, so ELKE DAG is well placed. However, you can also mix it a bit. You could say: Ek loop die hond elke dag. This does not feel wrong at all and simply places emphasis where it is meant. You could even pull the time word to the front: Elke dag loop ek die hond. If you want to pull DIE HOND out to the front to emphasize the object of the sentence, then we have a trick for that -- Passive Voice: Die hond word elke dag geloop.

Skryfprobleme 1

Kan jy dit vertaal?
1. I have to study now.
2. They have a two year old son.
3. We are going to Arizona tomorrow.
4. I don't think I will be in class tomorrow.
5. My cousin's name is Dan.
6. I went to work with him to see what he does.
7. I wish I could see that.
8. I went to work today.
9. I am very tired because we got home very late.
10.Thanks for doing that.

Skryfprobleme 2

Kan jy dit vertaal?
1. I always have work to do.
2. It will give me time to study Afrikaans.
3. That is good news.
4. I went for a walk. (idiomatic)
5. I already feel sick about it.
6. None of the animals were sick.
7. It is hard to work with this man.
8. That makes it easier.
9. My appointment to practice is at five.
10.It is days like these that make me think about having to move.

Skryfprobleme 3

Kan jy dit vertaal?
1. I am watching a movie on TV.
2. I have seen the movie before.
3. I have to stop watching and get going with my homework.
4. He comes to visit me.
5. We don't know why he likes to visit us.
6. The neighbor boy makes us laugh.
7. We think he likes to play here.
8. After dinner, my husband walked him home.
9. He likes it too.
10.I enjoy it to listen to the birds.
11.I hope he will be better tomorrow.
12.I also like to travel.
13.I will keep trying.
14.They never do it.
15.Sometimes he gets stuck in a box.

Skryfprobleme 4

Kan jy dit vertaal?
1. I do the work most of the time.
2. To win, you will have to play.
3. I will count to ten.
4. He did not like the snow.
5. We eat in the dining room when we have company.
6. I like to check my email in the morning. (hou daarvan om ... te VERB.)
7. I work from 8 to five.
8. When I get home, I go for a walk with the dog.
9. I went to school in Madison. VERSUS I went to the school in Madison.
10.This blouse was expensive.
11.She is there because they like her.
12.I went there to see her.
13.What is he standing on?
14.It gets busy in the morning.