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Communication Objectives

Can you imagine trying to do math if you have not memorized numbers and you you count, trying to remember each number like a two year old?

Pronouns are the 'numbers' of speaking.

It is not ok to know about pronouns, to know what they sound like, to recognize them, or to be able to say them if you can just have a little time to figure them out.

It is expected that you have them automated, that you can combine any subject and object pronoun, just like you can say what is two plus three. Practice daily till you can do them without the slightest hesitation.

Please consult these links for Pronouns in the Vocabulary and Grammar sections first:

The videos below are silent. See if you can say every sentence without any hesitation. Pause the video at the end when you see the answers. 

Subject & Object

[ I ] (pink icon)   see  [ you ]  (green icon)   ...  and  ....  [ you ]  (pink icon) see  [ me ]. (green icon)