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Intermediêre Hersienning


First try to answer each question and once you are done, listen to the audio stream above.

B — Verbs and Tenses

  • Explain the separable compound verb and give examples in present future and past.
  • Explain perfect tenses in Afrikaans (past, present, and future).
  • Explain the conditional or subjunctive in Afrikaans.
  • Explain the passive in Afrikaans. What mistake do English speakers make commonly when forming passive sentences in Afrikaans?

E — Special Infinitives

  • Which two groups of special infinitives are there?
  • Explain each.
  • Make sentences with help, kom, gaan, begin, leer, probeer as helping verbs.
  • Make sentences with: in plaas van, in stede van, deur + verb, hoef nie, behoort.

F — Infinitives

  • What is an infinitive?
  • What are the words that you will find with any regular infinitive?
  • Explain the word order of an infinitive phrase.

G —  Verbs with Prepositions

  • In Afrikaans, like in many languages, some verbs are associated with a preposition. For example, in English, you write to someone, you eat with a fork, you read about something, etc.
  • Firstly, do you know the prepositions in Afrikaans? (link)
  • Do you know the common prepositions for the following verbs? (link) See also LINK.
  • praat ___ (with)  /  gee ___ (to)  /  sê ___  /  vra ___  /  stuur ___ (to)
    dink ___ (about)  /  skryf ___ (to)  /  behoort ___ (to)  /  deelneem ___ (in)
    voorstel ___ (to)  /  kyk  ___ (at)  /  luister ___ (to)  /  aard ___ (like)
    lyk ___ (like - predict: looks like a big storm)  /  lyk ___ (like: compare: she looks like you.)

H — Adjective Shift

  • What is the adjective shift?
  • Can you list some adjective that remain unchanged?
  • Give examples of sentences with a change in the adjective.

I — Degrees of Comparison

  • Can you explain the positive, comparative and superlative degrees of comparison in Afrikaans?
  • Any differences with English?
  • Common mistakes English speakers make?
  • List a few words that are regular in Afrikaans, yet irregular in English.

J — Prepositional Combinations

  • Can you explain when prepositional combinations are formed?
  • Did you explain questions and statements?
  • Are there any odd combinations?

K — Directionals

  • Explain (with examples) how TO and FROM is expressed in Afrikaans.
  • Explain (with examples) the movement ON TO and OFF something [vertical movement].
  • Explain (with examples) movement INTO and OUT OF locations in Afrikaans. How is that different from English?
  • You move from A to B and in the middle is object X. How do you express in Afrikaans when you go:
    (i) over X
    (ii) under X
    (iii) go past next to X
    (iv) through X?
  • What is the significance of the word klim with directional sentences?

L — Gerunds (past & present)

  • What is a gerund?
  • Give an English example of a present gerund, then an Afrikaans one.
  • Give an English example of a past tense gerund, then an Afrikaans one.
  • Do you know the strong and weak forms of the gerunds and why one versus the other would be used, e.g. gebreekte versus gebroke?