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Glimlag (klavier)

As jy glimlag blink jou ogies,
as jy glimlag voel jy goed,
as jy glimlag trek jou lippies
tog so vriendelik en soet.

Glimlag maatjie, dit is liefde,
glimlag maatjie, dis 'n groet.
Glimlag maatjie dit bring vreugde,
vir Pappa, Mamma, Sus, en Boet.

Copyright © A. de Witt, R. Bezuidenhout

When you are smiling eyes are smiling,
when you're smiling you feel good.
When you're smiling you feel friendly
and you know you're looking good.

Keep on smiling, it is loving,
keep on smiling you'll feel good.
Keep on smiling, spreading kindness
to ev'rybody all around.