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Your friend in Bhutan wants to know more about the importance of education. Tell your friend what you think.

Here are a few topics that you can talk about:
The costs of education
Teachers' salaries
Class size
What is being taught
The quality of education
How education changes the pupil as a human being


Jou vriend van Bhutan wil meer weet oor die belangrikheid van onderwys. Vertel jou vriend wat jy dink.

Hier is 'n paar onderwerpe waaroor jy meer kan sê:
Die kostes van onderwys.
Onderwysers se salarisse.
Die getal leerlinge in elke klas.
Dit wat geleer word.
Die kwaliteit van onderwys.
Toeganklikheid (access) tot onderwys.
Hoe onderwys die leerling verander as mens.