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met stram treë
keer hulle terug skool toe
en vanuit nêrens marsjeer
skadus klaskamers binne

ma se liefdevolle omhelsings
word genadige grepe
en bang kinders
bewende riete

nou jare later
met die afdruk van terreur
skrikstil in ons gegrafeer
hoor ons steeds ‘n kreet –

wie sal hul dood wreek?

mag ouer en kind
nóóit weer geoffer word
op ‘n lafaard se skinkbord

©2009 Selwyn Milborrow

with stiff steps
they return to school
and from nowhere there marches
shadows into the classrooms

mom's loving hugs
become merciful holds
and petrified children
quaking reeds

now years later
with the imprint of terror
fright is silently engraved on us
we still hear the shrill cry -

who will revenge their death?

may parent and child
never again be offered
on the platter of a coward