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Mamma Kriel

Wees dapper Mamma Kriel
stort 'n traan, maar
stort 'n traan uit strekte,
stort 'n traan van 'n moeder.
Jou Ashley ons Ashley is nie dood nie
want sy gees sal bly lewe in
harte, siele en voete van
miljoene wie se gees in
hom gebrand het om die
ysterkettings van verdrukking
vir altyd te breek.


Be of courage, Mamma Kriel
shed a tear, but
shed a tear from strength,
shed a mothe's tear.
your Ashley our Ashley is not dead
his spirit lives on in he
the hearts, souls and footsteps of
the millions whose spirits
burned in him to
break forever
the iron chains of oppression.

(Translation kindly provided by Leigh Thorsen)