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Met een oor
sit ek en luister
na die tafel langsaan.

'n Man verduildelik sy nuwe plan,
die geld wat daar te make is,
...die vurige oorreding van
sy nut,
sy visie,
sy relevansie.

In hom is ek en jy
in daai behoefte en begeerte
dat wat jy doen,
wat jy is,
wel saakmaak.

... onderliggend tot 'n nood vir oorlewing.

(Oktober 2009)

With the one ear
I sat and listened
to the table one over.

A man explains his new plan,
the money that there is to be made,
...the fiery convincing of
his contributive value,
his vision,
his relevance.

In him is the you and I
in that need and desire
that what you are about
that what are,
actually matter.

- a pretext to the need to survive.